Seoul ADEX
2019.10.15~20 Seoul Airport

Seoul ADEX 2019


Official Name

  • Seoul ADEX 2019
  • (Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2019)
English Seoul ADEX 2019(Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2019)

Show Hours & Venue

Show Hours & Venue
Category Date Time Venue
Official Events October 15(Tue) 10:00 ~ Seoul Airport
Indoor/Outdoor Exhibits Business Day October 15(Tue) ~ 18(Fri) 09:30 ~ 17:00
Public Day October 19(Sat) ~ 20(Sun)
Demonstration & Events Demonstration Flight & Aerial Acrobatic October 15(Tue) ~ 18(Fri) will be notified
Other Events 09:30 ~ 17:00
Seminar Seminars and Conferences related on Aerospace and Defense Industry Check General Info – Seminar on the website Seoul Airport & Official Hotels


Honorary Chairman The Prime Minister
Honorary Vice-Chairman The Minister of National Defense
The Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy
The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Host KAIA (Korea Aerospace Industries Association)
KDIA (Korea Defense Industries Association)
KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
Managed By Seoul ADEX Office
Support Ministry of National Defense
Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
ROK Army·Air Force·Marine Corps
Defense Acquisition Program Administration
Seongnam City

Show Features

  • Indoor Exhibition

    • Aircraft (Rotary/Fixed wing), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Space material, Weapon systems mock-up and full scale
    • Simulator, Weapon systems equipment
    • Ground·Naval weapons and equipment
    • Others related to airport facilities
    • Publications
  • Outdoor Exhibition

    • New fighter, (Military) transport aircraft, Cargo Aircraft, Helicopter and civil aircraft
    • Ground equipment such as MBT, self-propelled/mobile artillery, armoured fighting vehicle and unarmored vehicle
  • Flying Display & Aerobatics

    • Flying Display(Purpose for business/KT-1, T-50,
      FA-50 and so on)
    • Aerobatics (Black Eagle/ROK Air Force, Civilian aerobatics team from abroad)
  • Seminars and Conferences

    • Seminars, conferences, symposiums about
      aerospace and defense industries
  • Student Day

    • Events and programs for students related to aerospace and defense industries
  • Events

    • Hands-on experience, performances by military
      honor guard and military band